Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples &  Families in the Bay Area


We all have areas of our lives that we struggle with.  Entering a therapeutic relationship, with a psychotherapist does not mean you are inept, wrong, or crazy. It shows you are self - aware and resourceful.  By taking ownership of your struggles and having the courage to learn new coping techniques and speak freely about your thoughts, fears, emotions and dreams is insightful. This journey will lead you to becoming a more self-actualized human being. Sorrenta Stuart Psychotherapy in Walnut Creek offers a safe environment for you to explore the aforementioned. We also all have rational behind our choices, attitude and decisions.  However, this rational is often out-dated, stemming from our childhood or other arenas in our life that are no longer self-serving.  Many of us simply live our lives not acknowledging the discontent or unhappiness we are feeling.  We go about our day, and just accept life the way it is, never really questioning how we can improve our situation or sense of self.  Psychotherapy for depression, for example, can get you re-energized and focus on change. 

‚ÄčThis is where individual psychotherapy comes in. You do not have to be diagnosed with a mental health problem to benefit from therapy.  Often times people seek therapy for everyday concerns. These can range from relationship issues, dating, self-doubt, financial goals, moving up in the workplace and job stress, to name a few.  Some of us find ourselves in the depths of depression or suffering from panic attacks, which requires a multi-deminsional treatment approach.  Others turn to therapy in times of change or crisis, such as a death of a family member, a divorce in the family, or struggles as parents or teenagers.  No matter what you seek therapy for, it as a tool to assist you in overcoming obstacles to becoming the person you want and deserve to be. You deserve to be content, healthy, balanced and supported.  


My background and experience in the Marriage and Family Therapy arena is extensive.  I studied psychology and law at the University of California at Davis and earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. After graduating, I started my private practice in 2003 and have successfully counseled individuals, couples and families. Most importantly, I utilize my training and background to create a safe environment of trust, non-judgement and complete acceptance in order for you to live the life you deserve.